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About Us

Complete Consulting Services Group (CCSG) is a company that specializes in the Parking Industry and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) as well as providing business and technical consulting services to organizations in the US, South Florida and Latin America. At CCSG, we understand that, in today's parking and BID business, technology strategies are interconnected and organizations expect a clear plan for results and return on investment. Therefore, you need an experienced partner to design, implement and maintain innovative parking, BID and business program solutions.

Our Services

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Parking Program

CCSG uses its proprietary "Parking Surcharge Program Solution" (PSPS) to manage the Parking Surcharge Program on behalf of the City of Miami. CCSG tracks, maintains and provides information to the City of Miami about properties that are used for parking.

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BID Program

BID Program

CCSG offers a BID Program that includes solutions, services and complete Information Technology tools geared towards the implementation and management of Business Improvement District (BID) organizations.

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Cloud Solutions

CCSG, in partnership with Microsoft, offers small and medium-sized enterprises the implementation of IT services and applications using Cloud Services, enabling organizations to automate certain operations and enjoy benefits such as Scalability, Saving and Flexibility.

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STRATEGIC Analysis & Planning

CCSG will help with strategic analysis, one of the key phases and requirements for the development of any strategic plan, which will lead the process of developing a shared vision of your organization’s future and deciding upon the major steps you will take to move the organization forward.

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development & Implementation

We offer software development according to specifications and needs of our customers. We set up teams of software development for a specific project and for a limited time, guaranteeing our customers total availability of developers to the project.

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CCSG provides strategic consulting solutions, advising your business on how to use Information Technology to meet your business objectives. We rely on current and future technologies to provide cost-effective and strategic planning.

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Why Choose Us

The answer is: Reliability, Quality of our Customer Service and our Business IT solutions.

  • Professional Staff

    Today, the group of professionals at CCSG comes with a wealth of specialized experience in the Parking, BID, Business and IT industries, offering a menu of services that integrate parking and BID programs, business applications and IT implementation.

  • Great Experience

    For over 20 years, CCSG has been providing business solutions and has earned the trust of our customers and partners by delivering only positive experiences. Our staff has over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.

  • Qualified Support

    We value our clients and work above and beyond everything to provide an excellent level of customer service experience. We focus on client satisfaction.

Our Benefits

At CCSG, we understand that today's business and technology strategies are interconnected. Our clients expect a clear plan for results and return on investment (ROI.) Our clients want an experienced partner to design, implement and maintain innovative digital business solutions.

  • Strategic Consulting

    CCSG provides strategic consulting solutions in the information technology arena, enabling our clients to achieve strategic objectives and directing the organization and its resources towards achieving these objectives over the next several years.

  • Professional Teams

    CCSG leverages its talented people to provide Information Technology, business applications, IT infrastructure, implementation, delivery, Project Management and consulting to create innovative communication and collaboration solutions.

  • 50 Years Experience

    CCSG's resources provide over 50 years of combined experience in Parking, Business Improvement District and Technology.

  • Excellente Customer Support

    CCSG concentrates in offering great return of investment and satisfaction for our clients though high levels of quality of service.


CCSG has been working and providing services to the following organizations, among others:

  • City of Miami

    CCSG manages the Miami Surcharge Program on behalf of the City of Miami

  • Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (BID)

    CCSG provides bookkeeping, billing and collections services to the Coconut Grove BID

  • Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID)

    CCSG provides bookkeeping, billing and collections services to the Wynwood BID

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