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Parking Programs

CCSG uses its proprietary "Parking Surcharge Program Solution" (PSPS) to manage the Parking Surcharge Program. CCSG monitors over 500 parking facilities located in the City of Miami generating over $150 million in gross revenue. PSPS system includes the following modules:

  • Parking - to track parking properties
  • Owners & operators - to manage stakeholoders
  • Accounting - to manage parking surcharge revenues
  • Administration - to manage the security and access to the system and to maintain the integrity of the data
  • Registration - to enable owners and operators to register on line
  • Reports - to provide online reprting

To access the "Miami Surcharge Program site", Click here

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Cloud Solutions

CCSG in partnership with Microsoft, provides Cloud technologies using services and tools to create cloud services including:

  • Office 365. CCSG offers its clients, the flexibility of getting organized using tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook; predictable monthly cost; no need to purchase and/or update software licensing; stay up and running, no matter what happens; data security and control; resources can work anywhere at anytime; larger mailbox storage. ... among others
  • ERP Solutions. Grow, evolve, and transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent applications that bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems together to help run your business
  • Microsoft Azure. CCSG offers its clients, the facility to obtain these services instead of making an important investment of capital in the purchase of one or several servers and wait a long for see them results. With the cloud, clients only pay for the services and the space that they utilize
  • Infrastructure and Backup solutions. CCSG also provides infrastructure and backup solutions allowing cost savings in construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure to our clients.

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CCSG offers consulting services to enable an organization with the creation of a strategic plan and to ensure not only that it has long term direction but that the organization’s programmes, projects and day-to-day decisions fit in with these long term interests of an organization. Strategic planning can help your organization in a number of critical ways:

  • Improved results and confidence
  • Focus
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Greater influence

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development & Implementation

Our software engineers will assess your business process to develop and meet your specific needs. Our approach to software development is to follow a very structured, engineering-based approach to fulfill your business needs using Agile software development methodology and it includes:

  • Development of Software Web and mobile
    • Design and development of scalable software, with quality, warranty and support
    • Formal testing processes
    • Effective and timely documentation
  • Technology solutions tailored to your business
    • Development of solutions based on compliance with the requirements and needs of our customers
  • Custom Apps
    • Development of innovative apps and targeted to the business environment as an extension of functionalities of implemented systems

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CCGS provides strategic consulting services that will improve your bottom line by setting short term and long term goals to improve your operating efficiency and reliability enabling our clients to:

  • Increase its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Integrate best practices of IT infrastructure, application development, integration, quality assurance, training and Project Management
  • Build client's competitive advantage with the highest quality and the most exceptional service
  • Develop and integrate solutions allowing our customers to increase efficiency

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