About Us

Complete Consulting Services Group (CCSG) is a U.S. company that concentrates in providing Parking services for organizations in South Florida, US and Latin America.

Today, the group of professionals at CCSG comes with a wealth of specialized experience in the Parking industry offering a menu of services that integrate parking programs, business applications and IT integration.

These services enables CCSG to create innovative parking solutions to track properties and parking surcharge revenues as well as provide up-to-date online reporting.

Our desire is to establish a solid long-lasting relationship with our clients and sharing the same business perspectives utilizing the concepts of utility, loss, purchasing decisions and business processes.

We feel a great responsibility in guiding our clients, concentrating on the development of their enterprises. We analyze, plan, implement and maintain our client's projects in a state of total efficiency.

City of Miami

CCSG is the administrator of the Miami Parking Surcharge Program.

CCSG uses its propietary Parking Surcharge Program (PSP) solution to track, maintain and provide information to all its clients including the City of Miami Finance Department and all Property Owners and Operators that operate within the City of Miami.

The PSP solution has been designed to offer a series of customized modules to track parking properties and parking surcharge revenues as well as to provide up-to-date online reporting.

The solution is user friendly and allows CCSG and its clients to access and easily manage data, thereby equipping CCSG with the tools necessary to closely monitor the progress of the Miami Parking Surcharge Program.